Messer für Papier | Couteau à papier

Circular slitter blades, commonly known as Slitter knives, are the most widely used and versatile cutting tool used in the Paper industry for various tasks such as cutting, shearing, perforating slitting.

Guillotine knives, also known as cut-off knives, give a precise cutting edge to the product. Straight blades are the most versatile tool used for various needs in the paper industry like cutting, scoring, slitting, creasing, trimming, etc. They are easily customizable and an application-specific tool.

We can customize all these to meet your requirements regarding the material used, toothless or toothed blades, and the sizes thereof.

Bottom Slitter Knives

Lap knives

Multi Groove Knife

Bottom Slitter knife

Perforation Blade

Circular Blade

Score Cutters

Set of Top Bottom Slitter

Sheeter Knives

Top Slitter Blades

Top Slitter Knives

Top Slitters

Trimmer Knives

Top Slitter

Top slitter

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